About Me

FullSizeRenderHi Guys, my name is Suzannah Jacques and I am the founder and director of B.F.A.B Streetdance.
I started dancing when I was about 6 years old. I performed tap, modern and contempory styles of dance, then later in my life, I discovered Streetdance!
I started my journey by going to evening classes where I learnt basic Streetdance routines. Any spare time I had, inbetween my job as a trainee nurse and carer, I performed Streetdance and danced in various shows around Bristol.
Although I loved my nursing job my real dream in life was to become a dance teacher. But, before I could do this I wanted to learn more about the different styles of Streetdance, and learn from the best teachers. So, I moved to High Wycombe in London and was accepted to train for the worlds 1st Accredited Streetdance Diploma. During my time there I was taught by some of the best choreographers and Dancers from the U.K as well as America! I passed my exams and achieved a level 4 Diploma in all styles of Streetdance with Performing Arts. I have been performing StrSuzieeetdance for nearly 9 years now and still love it as much as when I first started! 

Soooooooo i decided to set up my own Streetdance School in 2012 .

We competed in competitions and did yearly shows and then In 2016 my body started to slow down and finally i was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disease in the muscles and nerves and thought my dream was over but i never gave up and realised that even though people have disabilities, mine being a “Hidden disability) we can all dance if we push ourselves i then realised my goal in life was to prove that even if some of us are different and learn differently we can still achieve our goals and should be able to still Streetdance and be proud of who we are 🙂 

Soooooooo about My Dance school Now …….

I am so passionate about streetdance that, with my knowledge and love of dance, I decided That my dance school should focus on Adults and Children who have either a Learning, Sensory ,Physical or Hidden Disability we are called …..B.F.A.B!
Why the name?
  B.F.A.B stands for Born From A Boombox. I chose the name from a well known film called “Step Up” which represents the passion for music and dance I want to share with others as well as encouraging B(eing) FAB(ulous) at dance!
I absolutely love what I do and sincerely mean it when I say: my job IS my passion. I love to make people happy through dance and truely believe that anyone can enjoy dancing and put their heart and soul into having fun and enjoying themselves no matter what their Ability . We are not just a Dance school we are a family and 


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