About B.F.A.B

Img_2498B.F.A.B Mixed Ability Streetdance

Who are we?

B.F.A.B are a Streetdance school for Adults and Children with Disabilities.

We first opened in 2012

We teach between 7 to 8 styles of Streetdance.

All of our classes are Taught by A Fully Qualified Streetdance Teacher with an ADPA Level 4 diploma in Performing Arts 

We have a safe Guarding Policy.

All our students are praised for their hard work in the lesson and certificates are handed out termly for different achievements 

We take part in Fundraising events and hold our own Monthly Fundraiser events to raise funds for our classes as we are Not Charity based.

We perform at Yearly Festivals around the country and hold our own Annual Shows .

We often go out as part of a group to events and activities out of dance which we feel is important as it has a big impact on the lessons too.

We ALWAYS support each other in everything we do in our lessons at BFAB 

B.F.A.B are very excited for the future events which will be announced shortly 
At B.F.A.B, we believe, anyone that loves music, has a passion for dance and wants to learn Streetdance, or purely to have fun and meet new friends, then we are the dance school for you!

We are a non-competitive streetdance school. However, some of our dancers have performed at competitions so anybody willing to do so can be entered for such events.

We also specialise in charity dance shows and fund raising events.

Whatever you reason for joining B.F.A.B school we hope you will have fun and feel part of our family 🙂

Everyone is welcome!

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